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In 1998, music-multimedia technologist, performer and show designer Shueh-li Ong and music-software technologist-performer Michael Spicer came together to build and market music technology for music applications. Demand for their business grew to include live performance, education and show design and planning, along with their reputation for the ability to extend the musical norm in live performance.

Shueh-li and Michael first ventured into business together with ‘Multimedia Creative Concepts’ in Australia, involving Film/TV Music, Music Synthesis and Technology, Computer Music Composition and Computer Animation.
During the IT boom in Singapore, they were invited by a multimedia company to apply their expertise. Shueh-li led the Marketing Dept whilst Michael designed specialised audio applications as Senior Software Programmer. The formation of the Special Projects Dept thereafter allowed Shueh-li, who concurrently headed it and Michael as Project Leader, to initiate design and R&D into virtual musical instruments, algorithmic composition and 2D/3D animation designs.
These became the foundation for a series of award- winning Music Edutainment CDs, and a cyber playhouse for experimental research.

Timega Theory - electronic opera by Shueh-li Ong

singapore to usa and beyond

In 2004 Shueh-li produced Xenovibes the Concert [XV] which premiered at the Old Parliament House in Singapore. [XV] was to be the new progressive sound with live virtousic performance ideals, and to tie in popular music with the new tech edge. The show featured Michael Spicer, Jeff Long and John Anthony Martinez who flew in from the USA to participate in the launch of this vehicle that was named ‘Shueh-li’s Xenovibes’ which was also her ‘sound’.

Eisemann Ctr - Xenovibe the Show
In 2005 Shueh-li moved to be based in the USA when awarded a visa given only to Artists of Extraordinary Ability. [XV USA] was then made possible through the alliance between Electric Muse and Fingerfoot Music Productions* USA; the latter a company formed late 2004 to pursue this alliance. EM is a member of COMPASS (since 2000) and EM USA is a member of ASCAP (2008).

Michael chairs the Diploma in Music & Audio Technology course at the Singapore Polytechnic and is a regular presenter at the International Computer Music Conferences.

Please contact Shueh-li with invitations to collaborate, writing commissions, consultancy work and educational outreach opportunities.

* Fingerfoot Music Productions does not represent Electric Muse nor its associates. The working relationship ceased in 2010 until further notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.

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