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Guqin master cheng yu [March 2002]

The purpose of my trip to London was to learn from Cheng Yu, pupil of Liu XiangTing, master GuQin practitioner.
Guqin master Cheng Yu and Shueh-li
Cheng Yu was to perform with the UK Chinese Ensemble at the Purcell Room and I was invited to the concert. The experience was totally mesmerising, especially Cheng Yu’s solos on the GuQin and Pipa. I was amazed at the range of techniques and tricks employed on both these instruments. The experienced was an eye-opener into the flamboyance of the Chinese and their music. It is of interest to note that the so-called Chinese Classical music commonly performed on stage is a very controlled almost staid version of the surreal and eccentric performance I was exposed to at the concert. Read the rest of this entry »

Theremin in Maryland by shueh-li ong [May 19th 2001]

The purpose of my trip to Maryland was to meet with theremin enthusiast, maker and performer of many years, Arthur (Art) Harrison. A visit to the Clara (she “single-handedly” brought the theremin to fame) Rockmore exhibit at Maryland University, and Dr Bruce Wilson, Head of the Performing Arts Library and exhibit curator, made the trip complete.

When I was first introduced to Art’s theremins, I immediately noticed the difference in the appearance of his instruments compared with the theremin design with which I am more accustomed. Besides their aesthetic value, and the much smarter, utilitarian placement of power and audio jacks on the back panels of the instruments, Art has spent considerable effort developing theremins which use plates, instead of the usual monopole and loop. Read the rest of this entry »