Guqin master cheng yu [March 2002]

The purpose of my trip to London was to learn from Cheng Yu, pupil of Liu XiangTing, master GuQin practitioner.
Guqin master Cheng Yu and Shueh-li
Cheng Yu was to perform with the UK Chinese Ensemble at the Purcell Room and I was invited to the concert. The experience was totally mesmerising, especially Cheng Yu’s solos on the GuQin and Pipa. I was amazed at the range of techniques and tricks employed on both these instruments. The experienced was an eye-opener into the flamboyance of the Chinese and their music. It is of interest to note that the so-called Chinese Classical music commonly performed on stage is a very controlled almost staid version of the surreal and eccentric performance I was exposed to at the concert. Read the rest of this entry »